Friday, November 7, 2008

Grocery chains

At the November 6, 2008, meeting of the Seaford Historical Society, one surprise was to learn the existence of both Bohack's and A & P on Merrick Road near Jackson Avenue. A & P, I'm told, was on the north side of Merrick Road. Bohack's on the south side at the southeast corner of South Seaman's Neck Road. That structure later became the post office (which moved to its present location in 1980), Bette's Florist, and now Beach Bum Tanning. In the discussion, I neglected to ask whether the stores were self-serve. Many stores that pre-dated King Kullen required the customer to talk to the butcher over his counter, pay him separately, deal with the vegetable man likewise, and also bring a list to a counter for canned and dry goods. This Newsday article says that Bohack owned more than 700 stores in 1939.
Several people mentioned the convenient Hill's Supermarket where World Gym is now located. Even though this is in Wantagh, before the construction of NY 135 Hill's was simply across Seaman's Neck Road from Seaford. It seems that the construction of NY 135 made that location (in Wantagh, at the east end of Park Avenue) much less convenient for Seaford shoppers.
I must also mention that a King Kullen supermarket existed in the small shopping center at Kenora Place and Merrick Road, where a liquor store occupies a rear corner, adjacent to Blockbusters.

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