Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The former location of the Methodist church

At the November 6, 2008, meeting of the Seaford Historical Society, the question arose as to the location of the Methodist church before it was transported in 1923 to Washington and Waverly Avenues. It seems to have been where this building, 3943 Merrick Road, now stands. According to the Nassau County Land Record Viewer, the present structure was built in 1928. The building to the left, 3935, despite its modern look, seems to be a rectangular replacement of several structures that date from 1903. The record viewer shows a bakery in front, with various additions towards the rear. The building to the right dates from 1980.
The photographer is standing where Smith Lane meets Merrick Road. At one time, Smith Lane carried the name Seaford Avenue. Later, it received the name Smith, probably because of the Smith Family home on the southeast corner.

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