Friday, November 21, 2008

Widening Merrick Road, Seaford, about 1975

Shortly after we arrived in Seaford in 1972, the installation of a sanitary sewer trunk line under Merrick Road seems to have led to a widening of that street through Bellmore, Wantagh, and Seaford. I cannot establish the exact years, but I have two or three slides, and data exist on the Nassau County Records Viewer. At times, the street was an obstacle course of construction. The other day, I tried to contrast the present buildings between South Seaman's Neck Road and Smith Lane with the records. What a surprise to learn that the "old" post office that is now Beach Bum Tanning lost an angle-cut off its facade! The adjacent tailor was also cut back. Most of the other buildings east of that point were built after the widening. In the block from Jackson Avenue to Smith Lane, at least two structures were condemned, demolished, and the lots sold for new construction. The building occupied by Runyon's remains, having been cut back about five feet because of the widening. Similarly, the cinder block paint store, built in 1969 at the corner of Smith Lane, lost about five feet.
So, for those blocks, much of the widening was done on the south side of Merrick Road.

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