Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Seaford LIRR 1967 photos

A thread has developed on railroad.net concerning the Seaford station repairs. If you use the link below and then scroll a considerable distance down the discussion, you will find eight black-and-white photos from Dave Keller showing the construction of the elevated station while a temporary station was in place on ground level.
The link is here.
The same thread reminded us that the Seaford train service was moved to the elevated structure in two steps forty years ago: On October 22, 1968, the westward train service began to use the elevated platform. On November 1, 1968, eastward train service was moved upstairs. I note that this happened before the purchase of the M-1 fleet, so all cars had trap doors and steps. That explains why the photos of the temporary platforms show "low-level" platforms. Until this week forty years ago, passengers climbed onto trains. The steps on the coaches could be slippery in bad weather! When the new station was put in service, the platform was the height of the coach floor, and one merely had to step over the gap.

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