Sunday, February 4, 2007

Seaford seacoasts, abroad

This morning, I drove the five miles to Jones Beach to enjoy a few minutes' walk under a sunny sky, bracing with a temperature of 20 degrees F. and a stiff west wind. As Wantagh claims the barrier beach that is Jones Beach State Park, our Seaford has no seacoast. The coastline here is east-west, just as it is in Seaford, England, from which John Seaman emigrated in the 1600's. Yesterday, February 3, 2007, someone uploaded onto Flickr thirty beautiful photos of the seacoast near Seaford, East Sussex, England. Link here. I cannot match his photography.
At least one of the two Seafords in Australia is on the shore. Here is a photo of the stunning shore of Seaford near Melbourne, Victoria.
Seaford, Delaware, is about 28 miles inland.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Seaford has a countdown walker signal

This photo shows the pedestrian countdown signal recently installed at NY 27 (Sunrise Highway) and Jackson Avenue, Seaford, by the New York State Department of Transportation. It functions only if the pedestrian presses the "Walk" button. Walkers crossing Sunrise Highway are allowed about 40 seconds: about 9 seconds with the steady white pedestrian icon, followed by a flashing palm and (above it, as shown in the photo) the seconds counted down from 28 to zero. At that point all signals are red for three or four seconds. Then cars turning left from Sunrise Highway are given their opportunity. Then the east-west herd on NY 27 roars into top speed. Sunrise Highway traffic has the green signal for about ninety seconds.
New York State Law requires drivers to stop and yield if a pedestrian is anywhere in the crosswalk. Drivers turning the corner are breaking the law if they cut ahead of a walker.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

WSHA meeting of 1.31.2007

The Wantagh-Seaford Homeowners Association meets six times a year. Last night, 1.31.2007, the following topics were discussed. About twenty-two people were present for the meeting at Seaford Public Library. I realize that my notes are incomplete, particularly regarding who-said-what.
1) David Denenberg spoke of the Nassau County Environmental Bond issues and the period during which proposals can be made.
2) The voting members accepted the slate of officers proposed by the nominating committee. No additions were made from the floor.
3) One of the association officers encouraged support for the Harmony for Hope Buffet at Mulcahy's February 11, 2007.
4) There was a discussion of environmental and mechanical issues at Cedar Creek. There is worry that the "Wang" development in Plainview might overwhelm the capacity of Cedar Creek sewerage treatment plant.
5) Fred Parola explained the status of several zoning requests before the Hempstead Town Board.
6) The status of the diner at Merrick Road and Pine Street was discussed. It bears the name "East Bay" apparently because the operator of the "East Bay" diner on Merrick Road, Bellmore, owns the Pine Street location and will move there.
7) The attempts to replace marinas in Seaford Harbor by housing were discussed.
8) The laying of electric transmission cables the length of the bikeway to Jones Beach has damaged the bikeway, and current repairs are inadequate.
9) Police officers from the Seventh Precinct urged people to attend the February 1 meeting at Bellmore Library.
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