Sunday, November 11, 2012

Presidential election results in Seaford, 2012

Newsday's website published an excellent map of the 2012 presidential results in Nassau and Suffolk counties.  The following analysis of the election districts in Seaford is based on the unofficial totals on that map.  Generally speaking, I used the boundaries of the Seaford post office to decide which ED's were in Seaford. An extra street or two in Wantagh was included, and I omitted the irregularly-shaped wedge of the Seaford post office district north of the Southern State Parkway because that ED included a larger section of Island Trees.  The first column shows the ED number and a hint of its location.  The second column shows the number of votes for Barack Obama, the third column for Mitt Romney.

Obama         Romney
107 near Seamans Neck Pk 217 445
103 Paddock, Stirrup 163 306
104 Wilbourne, Hickory, Brook La 183 338
105 Our Savior, Pathmark, Librar 154 232
102 Hilaire Way 129 230
101 Maple Ave, Roanoke 161 333
100 Pine, Spruce South of Merrick 213 412
106 Narragansett Ave 72 116
99 Larch, Austin, Spruce 79 112
30 Hudson Ave 234 440
29 east of Washington Ave 162 310
31 near Seaford HS 183 311
32 Roth Road incl. P. King 244 408
25 Arthur Ave 177 232
23 Crestline Place, Daleview Ave 162 229
24 Bernice Rd, Day St 151 221

The total votes cast in Seaford were 7,359.  I have not found the number of eligible voters residing in Seaford, but the resident figure seems to be about 15,200.
Mitt Romney won about 63.5% of the Seaford vote.  Utah, Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Idaho gave him higher percents.
Barack Obama won about 36.4% of the Seaford vote.

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