Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day in Seaford

A few hours before the Election Day voting was scheduled to begin, I checked Newsday's list of changed polling places.  The only change in Seaford is quite inconvenient: from 1100 Crestline Place (the BOCES Seaman Neck School) to St. James church at 80 Hicksville Road, more than two miles north. Both locations have Seaford post office addresses, but the Crestline Place address is near North Wantagh Park and is inside the Levittown school district. St. James church is the northernmost tip of the delivery zone of the Seaford post office.  The extraordinary mileage of this move made me question the report, but the move is also reported on the website of the Nassau County Board of Elections.  To magnify the fine print on that website, one can hold down Control and hit the Plus key.

At the Seaford Harbor School, auxiliary generators supplied power for a string of lights over the tables and voting booths and for the scanners.  About 11 a.m., many were voting here.  The students, it seems, were attending class at the other elementary school, Seaford Manor.  Trucks from the Town of Hempstead were removing roadside debris, carpets and furniture from homes and businesses near the canals.  Several homes had large dumpsters in the driveways.

I think most of Seaford is in the 14th Assembly District.  Three election districts of this A.D. vote at the Seaford Fire House.  A friend told me that the line was long at 6:10 a.m.  When I voted about 9:45 a.m., I was the 114th or 115th person in my E.D., which I think counts about 800 registered voters.  The turnout of eligible voters interests me.  In 2008, New York State had a turnout of about 58% of eligible voters, while the national turnout was about 62%.
Also about  1 p.m. today, 44 cars were lined northbound on Seamans Neck Road for $4.09 gasoline at Citgo, and 34 were lined on Jackson Avenue for $4.49 gasoline at BP.  County police have been present at gas station lines.  The shortage is one effect of hurricane Sandy, as tankers could not enter the harbor.

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