Sunday, November 25, 2012

On the Bay, part two, after Sandy

This afternoon, 11.25.2012, Newsday's website displayed an article that will probably be in tomorrow's print edition.  The title is "Few bay houses left standing after Sandy."
A small section of the article reads:

Baymen first built houses out here generations ago, not as primary residences but as bases of operation to harvest salt hay and shellfish. Their descendants battled the insults of nature, municipal ill will and even a spate of arson to keep them. Some were still used by working baymen; some were weekend retreats for families who no longer made a living on the water.

But superstorm Sandy did worse in a matter of hours than had been done in the past century, destroying at least 18 houses, seriously damaging two and leaving 10 intact, according to folklorist Nancy Solomon, who has written about the houses and surveyed them last week. 
For Nancy Solomon's presentation to the Seaford Historical Society a year ago, please click here.

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