Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snow and Ice, Jan. 23-26

Sometime in the 1970's, I joined many people skating on Tackapausha Pond.  I cannot recall skaters here in recent years, but on January 26, 2013, the ice was strong enough to hold an inch of snow.  Somebody had shoveled a far corner of the ice clear, and a few people were walking about.

Since the late 1600's, Seaford Creek has separated the Town of Hempstead (left and straight ahead) from the Town of Oyster Bay (on the right).  Tackapausha Pond flows into Seaford Creek, which here has gathered some ice in the past night or two.  The left fork is a short canal.  The photo was taken from Jetmore Place, Massapequa, looking north.

The Parkside Cafe on Adler Court, facing Seaford Creek, will reopen.  
More photos from late January, 2013, are linked here. Captions will appear when you click on the photos. (Google+ albums are a bit tricky to view.)

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