Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Red House, Tackapausha, Massapequa

In late January, 2013, I came across this new sign on the Massapequa side of Tackapausha Pond.  At the Central Avenue library, a small book of postcard views of Massapequa has a photo of the red house, which I have linked here, from the Long Island Memories digital collection.
George Kirchmann of the Massapequa Historical Society graciously explained:

The Massapequa Historical Society erected the Red House marker last November. It was the first of the large estates (traveling eastward) that lined Merrick Road from Seaford to Amityville in the 1800 - 1960s period. James Meinell bought 600 acres in the Seaford - Massapequa area in the 1850s and completed the house in 1856. He was born in Ireland in 1789, came to the US in 1810 and made his fortune buying and selling New York City real estate. He opened the New Theater on Lower Broadway around 1855 and it became well known for the quality of its plays. The main troupe that performed there was Laura Keene's, whose troupe performed Our American Cousin at Ford's Theater the night Lincoln was shot. Meinell died in 1865 and his mansion became a hotel, then a boarding house, and a private house again until it was torn down in 1964.

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