Saturday, March 25, 2017

Public Safety Forum 3.21.2017

Meeting on public safety, as sponsored by County Legislator Steve Rhoads, 3.21.2017, at Tackapausha Preserve auditorium.
Present: Steve Rhoads; Commanding Officer of the 7th Precinct, Thomas Corona; Police Officer William Taylor, Problem Oriented Policing, 7th Precinct; an assistant from Rhoads’ office; and six members of the public, including Lisa and Richard Schary. Some of my notes here may be erroneous jottings; they can be corrected.
One purpose of the meeting was to listen to views of citizens discussing where local problems lay. No single topic overwhelmed the discussion.
With the coming of warmer weather, supervision in two preserves, Massapequa and Tackapausha, was discussed. Rowdy youth gatherings and illegal drinking tend to happen off the path that police vehicles can patrol, but the patrols will continue. The police helicopter staff may use new infrared cameras to locate such gatherings in the woods.
There was a discussion of solicitors canvassing neighborhoods, with the possibility that some may cover for acts of burglary. The police will respond promptly to 911 calls regarding such observations of questionable cars or activities. You may ask that the officer not call at your house. The P.O.P. officers work at solving repeated problem situations; for immediate coverage, please use 911. One attendee remarked how Facebook chatter will continue on a long thread about something going on at that time, but too seldom does the poster phone 911 to get an immediate observation by police. Because a 911 call is assigned an incident number, it also leads to a deposition, a statement of the result generated by the call.
There was a discussion of drivers speeding in their effort to catch a morning train, the speed adding danger to the streets and lots near Jackson Avenue.
There was a discussion of NCPD marine patrols, with one boat for the north shore and one for the south, covering from Rockaway to Amityville. Other agencies, such as bay constables and the Coast Guard help, but the Coast Guard coverage may suffer cutbacks.
Several of those present discussed automobile safety issues at Morris Gate. When people park illegally in the striped area on Sunrise Highway west of Morris Gate, drivers exiting the Gate find their vision of fast-moving traffic obstructed. Likewise, at various times, the Gate is crowded with cars awaiting service. The precinct commander reported that ticketing cured some problems on Locust Avenue and that the manager of the dealership has been cooperative with trying to keep Morris Gate and Sunrise Highway clear. (I presume the cooperative dealer was Merrick Dodge. Massapequa Nissan does generate some problems, but not as severely.)
There was a discussion of dioxins in water supplies. On this topic and other topics, Mr. Rhoads displayed an admirable grasp of the science and research.
Two more Public Safety Community Forums are listed on Mr. Rhoads’ website linked HERE, in Wantagh April 4th and in Merrick April 27th. I urge attendance. Our opinions were respected, and our questions were answered directly, without dodging. Many thanks to the policemen and Mr. Rhoads!

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Craig Romain said...

With respect to the Morris Gate issue above: The situation there is dangerous for a multitude of reasons. The illegal parking is but one of them. Even in my SUV, I can't see beyond some of the vehicles parked there. Someone is going to get hurt there someday.