Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Seaford school budget passes, 1,197 to 432

Seaford's school budget passed in yesterday's voting, with 1,197 yes and 432 no votes. The total vote was 1.629, which is about 200 voters fewer than in 2015. Incumbents Janice Baldwin and Bruce Kahn, unopposed, won another three years on the Board of Trustees.
At the Harbor school a different entrance and voting room was used.  Signs directed voters to the rear parking lot and a doorway to an east-west corridor, then west along the corridor to the half-gym, where the voting personnel and equipment were.  We filled in ovals and used one large sheet of paper per voter. The old lever machines (used as recently as 2014?) did not consume paper, but apparently they are no longer stored and maintained by the Nassau County Board of Elections.

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