Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merrick Road & Jackson Ave.

A reader inquired whether I had a photo of Powell's Hotel. Yes, I took several street photos during our first years in Seaford, and about 2010 I scanned some. However, with too many of my scans, I did not record the date of the photo itself. The hotel above, on the northwest corner of Merrick Road and Seaford Avenue, was replaced by the Long Island Savings Bank, currently named Astoria Bank, and in 2017 to be purchased by Sterling National Bank of Rockland County.
When Merrick Road was widened after the above photo, the electric distribution lines were moved behind the buildings.  Also, please note the fire alarm box on the pole.  I have been unable to learn the year when the Seaford Fire Department introduced these telegraph alarm boxes, nor have I been able to learn when they were removed.
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