Saturday, July 26, 2014

Taco Bell demolished and rebuilt

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The week of July 20, 2014, saw the destruction of the closed Taco Bell restaurant at 3950 Sunrise Highway, Seaford.  As of August 25, 2014, the signs indicate that a new Taco Bell is under construction.  Edit: a new building was opened for breakfast, lunch, and "dinner" a few days before Christmas, 2014.
The county tax records state that the building was built for Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips in 1972.  Please see the comment from a man who worked there.  Recent assessments were for $591,000. What was there in the 1950's?


sgever said...

I was part of the first Fish & Chips team hired in 1972. The owner, Mike, was college buddies with George Mallory, the owner of the next door business, Burger King which was sold to Pillsbury for 12 million. George would occasionally drive me home from work in his BMW. I left for school in Aug, '72 but returned occasionally to say hello. Back then, the fish was North Atlantic Cod but it's near extinction today. I've read that ATFC now serves Alaskan Pollack. Cheers, Scott

Paula Mallory Engel said...

So kind of you to post a nice memory of my dad - George Mallory, Scott. Can't verify the accuracy of the business info (;-) but, thanks! Paula