Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fewer Merrick Road buses

The bus service cutbacks, effective 4.8.2012, on route N19 along Merrick Road show the following changes in eastbound service:
From Monday to Friday: 20 eastbound trips instead of 31.
On Saturdays: 17 eastbound trips instead of 26.
On Sundays: the same 9 eastbound trips as previously, providing hourly service.
Westbound cutbacks are similar.
In the 1960's, I recall several trips on the Freeport-Patchogue route through Seaford, as provided by Utility Bus Corporation.  I have been unable to find a bus photo from the Utility era.  
From about 1930 to about 1973, a North Merrick firm, the Jerusalem Avenue Bus Company, connected Seaford with Hempstead, via Waverly and Seaford Avenues.  When Sunrise Mall opened, the routes were changed.  The new schedules for the N54, which travels on Washington Avenue from Jerusalem Avenue to Sunrise Highway (serving the Seaford railroad station) show a mostly unchanged timetable from the past months: 15 hourly trips Monday to Friday, 13 hourly trips on Saturday, and no service on Sunday.  The N54 connects Sunrise Mall, Seaford, North Wantagh, North Merrick, and Hempstead, much of it via Jerusalem Avenue.

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