Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Election Results, November 2011

Yesterday, the residents of Seaford were asked to vote for ten State Supreme Court judges, a county judge, a district court judge, one county legislator, and several Town of Hempstead officials.
However, I should mention the numbering of Election Districts.  When one visits the Results section of the Nassau County Board of Elections, the Election District is specified with a six-digit number.  The first number, 2, may represent the Town.  The second and third digits represent the Assembly District.  The fourth, fifth, and sixth digits represent the Election District.  For example, Election District 26 (north of the Seaford Avenue school) is within the 19th Assembly District (Assemblyman McDonough), and the Town of Hempstead.  Hence, it is numbered 219026.
Incumbants (except for judges) won reelection:  County Legislator Dennis Dunne, Town Councilwoman Angie Cullin, Town Receiver of Taxes Donald Xavier Clavin, Town Supervisor Kate Murray, Town Clerk Mark Bonilla.
As for the judges on the ballot, it seems that the ten candidates who won the most votes for the ten State Supreme Court judgeships (with 14-year terms) were all the Republican candidates.  The ten-year seat on the Nassau County Court went to Angelo Delligatti, Republican.  For the Second District Court (vote for 3 judges, each for a six-year term), the three incumbents won (Bjorneby, Knobel, Paradiso).

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