Friday, January 28, 2011

West Broadway, Seaford, in 1910

More of the 1910 census of Seaford:
These are the family names listed for West Broadway, wherever in Seaford that street was:
Smith, Mongomery, Mack, Seaman, Condit, Jung, Eldert, Verity, Albro, Rhodes, Stable, Custis, Ketcham, James, Wilson, Duryea, Weiner.  Many of these family names are repeated on other streets of Seaford.
A count of the occupations listed in the census of West Broadway shows six farmers, two painters, two pond keepers at the city works, two carpenters, two laborers, one foreman at the railroad station, one machinist (locomotive), one grocery clerk, one bayman, one author, one chicken raiser, one retail dealer of fish.  This catalog of one street's inhabitants could be misleading, as the Seaford population topped six hundred, and other streets had more baymen.  I would have to do a full analysis of the census.

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