Friday, October 16, 2009

Election Day, November 3

I was glad to see copies of a 2009 Voters Guide (published by the League of Woman Voters) available at the library.
On November 3, we will be offered a Yes/No vote on two amendments to the state constitution:
1) An amendment concerning six acres of forest preserve in St. Lawrence County.
2) An amendment to allow prisoners to voluntarily perform work for nonprofit organizations.
In Seaford, we were allowed to vote candidates for these offices:
3) The county Executive. Recount.
4) The county Comptroller. George Maragos won.
5) The county District Attorney. Kathleen Rice won.
5a) The county clerk. Maureen O'Connell won.
6) A county legislator. Dennis Dunne won.
7) One judge in the county court. Meryl Berkowitz won.
8) One judge in the 2nd District court . Terence Murphy won.
9) The supervisor of the Town of Hempstead. Kate Murray won.
10) The town clerk. Mark Bonilla won.
11) Six of ten candidates on the (regional) State Supreme Court.

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