Thursday, September 18, 2008

Topo map of Seaford, 1903

A discussion on concerning LIRR grade crossings along Sunrise Highway led me to this find at the University of New Hampshire's digital collection. They have made available what seems to be a 1903-based 7 1/2 minute quarter of the Babylon Quadrangle, showing downtown Seaford: here. Note that there is no Sunrise Highway and only Washington Avenue and Seaman's Neck Road cross the tracks. The west border of this map seems to lie near the present Seaford post office at 73 degrees, 30 minutes.
The site also offers the northeast quarter of the Hempstead quadrangle here. Much to my surprise, Seaford Avenue is shown running north from Merrick Road, jogging where Waverly now is, and continuing north-west to Wantagh station. Parts of Oakland Avenue and Woodward Avenue are both shown (where I walked this morning), but I suspect the streets may have had other names.

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