Sunday, June 29, 2008

An enjoyable program by the Banjo Rascals

A group of Banjo Rascals gave a faultless, marvelous hour-and-a-half program at the Seaford, N. Y., Library Saturday evening, June 28, 2008, with an audience of 130 or more. The threat of more rain following a shower forced the move of the concert from the parking lot to the reference area of the library, the audience using a mixture of library chairs and their own. This group deserves much praise. I was particularly glad of the change of pace: each song seemed peppy, brisk, and freshly different from the previous song, with a mixture of voices (some solos) and dominant instruments. The introduction to each piece was helpful, especially the references to original composers and dates, with additional remarks about alternate familiar versions. Though the tunes were all from the last century (and not all the audience was), those present clearly enjoyed a lively evening.
Many thanks to the sponsors of this event and to the library staff for their extra hours and willingness to make this summer gift to the community.
See the calendar below for the next three presentations.

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