Friday, May 2, 2008

Street drainage info, 5.2.2008

Continuing the topic of street drainage: I have been informed that the Town of Hempstead's 2008 Highway Capital Program includes the current project (see photo) as "the "Guildford Park Area Part I." This is only the beginning of a project to reconstruct the roads in this area, and it may take several years. Paddock Road, for example, is not in 2008 plans, but when the street is reconstructed, it is said that any storm drain system improvements that are needed will be included in the project. The department and person that appears to be in charge is the Town of Hempstead Department of Engineering, 350 Front Street, Hempstead, NY 11550. The Commissioner of this department is William H. Rockensies, P.E.
I can understand the logic of the present work. One begins where the drain outflow goes into Seaman's Creek at Waverly Avenue, then works backward to connect drains to that outflow. Much of the street disruption is caused by the need to move some other utilities out of way of the new drains. It is also understandable that the underground work must be done before repaving rather than after it!
In the photo taken May 1, 2008, the crane is positioning a new catch basin (or other term?) in the hole dug on the curb line of Locust Avenue opposite Bit Path. The move of this concrete object from its temporary storage point on the east side into the hole on the west side took less than five minutes!

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