Friday, November 9, 2007

Native American names in Seaford

In an attempt to identify which Seaford streets had names of the earliest people in Seaford (generally from the 1600's), I encountered several surprises. Obvious are the names Tackapausha, Seaman, and Jackson. There appears to be no street named after a Native American ("Indian"), but rather the Tackapausha Pond and Preserve. Merrick Road is named for a local tribe or family. Otherwise, more streets have Indian names, but they are not the names of individuals, rather tribal, geographic or both. Some of the Indian street names refer to tribes or locations far away from Seaford. The list I have made includes: Merrick Road, Narragansett Ave , Mattituck Ave, Penataquit Ave, Wyanet St, Ladonia St, Tonopah St, Manhasset St, Wadena St, Roanoke St, Alcona St, Tuscala St, Seminole Ave, Peconic Ave.

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