Monday, March 19, 2007

High Hill Beach

At the meeting of the Seaford Historical Society, 3.15.2007, Joshua Soren presented an excellent slide show about High Hill Beach, which was located just east of Zach's Bay and Zach's Inlet from about 1900 to about 1939. His slide show was based on old maps and the most helpful era of photographic postcards in early part of the twentieth century. (I distinguish between post cards made as photographic prints and those made by the halftone process. The former thrived just prior to 1910.) However, before I continue with this post, I must avoid repetition by referring to the following links:
An article by Fred Schwab.
and this view.
Vacationers reached High Hill Beach by boat from Seaford or Bellmore. Mr. Soren showed a reproduction of an ad and schedule of the ferry service in 1928 from Bellmore to High Hill Beach, with one-way fare of 40 cents and return fare (British usage for "round trip") of 70 cents.
At its peak, High Hill Beach consisted of 98 homes or hotels. Thirty-six were moved to West Gilgo Beach, where some can be seen today. Mr. Soren showed a photo taken a few days after the hurricane of September 21, 1938. One of the houses, noticeable because the roofs of the two dormers slope up and merge with the entire roof instead of being shaped as dog houses, can today be seen along Ocean Highway at West Gilgo Beach.

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SuperUnknownMC said...

I believe Josh will be doing his presentation again on 2/8/2013 at the museam at Jones Beach State Park. We meet him at High Hill Beach this past September(2012). See you there.
Jim Shadler