Sunday, February 4, 2007

Seaford seacoasts, abroad

This morning, I drove the five miles to Jones Beach to enjoy a few minutes' walk under a sunny sky, bracing with a temperature of 20 degrees F. and a stiff west wind. As Wantagh claims the barrier beach that is Jones Beach State Park, our Seaford has no seacoast. The coastline here is east-west, just as it is in Seaford, England, from which John Seaman emigrated in the 1600's. Yesterday, February 3, 2007, someone uploaded onto Flickr thirty beautiful photos of the seacoast near Seaford, East Sussex, England. Link here. I cannot match his photography.
At least one of the two Seafords in Australia is on the shore. Here is a photo of the stunning shore of Seaford near Melbourne, Victoria.
Seaford, Delaware, is about 28 miles inland.

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Loved the photos and the information on Seafords around the world!