Friday, January 26, 2007

Businesses thrive in Seaford

Today's Newsday 1.26.2007 lists Seaford as one of five Nassau County communities where the main business street has few vacancies. The article by Sophia Chang is headlined "Main is a Two-way Street." The article is posted on, but the accompanying list is not. Newsday credits Long Island Index for this list:
Nassau County, fewest store/office vacancies:
Syosset 0%, Merrick 2%, Locust Valley 3%,
Seaford 3%.
A quick trip
along 1.3 miles of Merrick Road from Fir Street to Seaford Creek (the Town Line at Tackapausha Preserve) found only one "Closed" sign, that at the Seaford Delicatessen, 3925 Merrick Road. (Later, the closures of Betty's Flower Shop at 3876 Merrick Road and the Citgo gas station on Sunrise Highway at Jackson Avenue were pointed out to me.) By 3.14.2007, a new tanning salon is replacing the flower shop.
A look at the Long Island Index report puzzled me. It is a pdf file at this link. Page 24 of the report counts 138 total stores and businesses in the Central Business District of Seaford, but only 81 in Wantagh and 80 in Massapequa. Massapequa Park and its attractive Park Boulevard business district is not mentioned.

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