Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day, 2010

Above is the war memorial placed in a park at the Seaford railroad station. The Town of Hempstead maintains this park, which is shaded by lofty trees. A year or two ago, at a meeting of the Seaford Historical Society, I got the impression that no record could be found of a Seaford resident serving in the U.S. Civil War, the war that generated the custom of Decoration Day. The appellation Seaford did not yet exist here; the residents were farmers and fishermen needed for their produce; and the draft office for Queens County was in Jamaica.
A reader has posted the following comment:
"I'd just like to give a word of thanks to the Seaford Wellness Council, Seaford American Legion, Seaford Fire Department, Long Island Horticultural Society and Boy Scout Troop 239. For 2010, I know they maintained the WWI Memorial near the train station in Seaford. Congratulations on joint effort that was well done." You may read the comment also by clicking on the word "Comments" several inches below, at the end of this post and the photos.

Above is the war memorial in front of Seaford's American Legion Post on Penatiquit Avenue.

Above, members of Seaford's American Legion Post march north on Washington Avenue, Memorial Day, 2010. Edwin Welch, born in 1895, lost his life on November 8, 1918, three days before the Armistice, after his regiment of engineers had repaired a bridge across the Meuse. They found shelter in a house in Remille, but they came under fire, and Edwin was killed. Surviving relatives live here on the South Shore of Nassau County.

Click on the arrow above for a video of the Seaford High School Marching Band in the Memorial Day parade, 2010.

Click on the arrow above for a video of a pipe band preceding the Seaford Fire Department.

The wreaths atop this fire truck will be placed at the Four Chaplains Monument in front of Seaford Middle School.

Above is the Four Chaplains memorial in front of the Seaford, N.Y., Middle School. Any photo may be enlarged by clicking on it.
Further information on the Four Chaplains may be found here.
The editor recalls when the 3-cent commemorative postage stamp honoring the Four Chaplains was issued in 1948. Another link to the stamp is here.